All your training needs in 1 place.

Katibu Martin


The staff at this facility is amazing. I have been training here for two years now and they continue to push me to levels I had never even thought of reaching. They have also taught me skills that I will be able to use in other aspects of my life.

Alex A.

FASSST Athlete

Our daughter had a great time and learned a lot. The instructors were great. We highly recommend NJ FASSST!

Michael Tota


Coming home and working with Fassst SPORT during my recovery process was a great experience. They took me in and gave me the tools I needed to come back healthy and even stronger than before! I know whenever I am in New Jersey , I will always have a family that welcomes me with open arms.

Brittney Sykes

Atlanta Dream Guard, #7, WNBA

As a meet director, the safety of my athletes is a primary concern. I am running track and cross-country events with as few as 15 teams to as many as 2,000 runners. FASSST has taken this worry off my list. Their Athletic Trainers arrive fully equipped for the meet, on time, and ready to work. The ATs have always been highly qualified and easy for me to work with.

Bob Byrnes

I just like to say what an amazing group of people they have working for FASSST. They really know their stuff when it comes to treating athletes. I had a great experience from their services and let me tell you, my recovery was amazing and I bounced back really quickly from an injury I experienced during my football season.

Dwayne Larkin

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