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Combine testing is a fairly standardized set of drills used by coaches, trainers, and recruiters to evaluate individuals. The goal of combine testing is to determine an athlete’s overall speed, strength and general skill level within the requirements of the sport.

The NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA all utilize combine testing to evaluate collegiate and professional athletes for recruitment. For athletes, combine testing is an opportunity to showcase their talents for coaches and scouts.

Typically, combine testing involves speed, agility and strength drills as well as a few sport-specific exercises, like throwing, catching, and batting. Because there are so many differences in the physical demands of each type of sport, the fitness tests utilized in combine testing can vary greatly. These testing scenarios can take anywhere from an hour to a full day of demonstration.

Athletes also benefit from participating in practice combine testing. Having a baseline at the beginning of a training program can help athletes and trainers identify areas of strength & weakness, set specific goals for training and monitor progress throughout a high performance training program.

We offer combine testing at NJ FASSST for exactly this purpose – to assess individual skills and set attainable goals for performance training.

Benefits of Starting Combine Testing Young

More and more high school teams are starting to utilize athletic combine testing to prepare their young athletes for college or professional careers. Just as with academic testing, the more practice a young athlete has with testing, the better off they are when the pressure of real competition is on the line. Becoming comfortable with the stress and anxiety of combine testing can help an athlete significantly later in their career.

Contact the team at NJ FASSST if you’re interested in participating in combine testing for practice or for competitive or recruitment demonstration.

Some examples of specific tests for various categories of skill are:

Strength & Power – powerball toss, max bench press tests, vertical jump test, broad jumps, one-step jumps

Agility – 5-10-5 shuttle, hexagon test, lane agility drills, obstacle drills, 3-cone drill

Speed – 20-meter sprints, 40-yard sprints, 30-second bike test

Aerobic fitness – shuttle run test, 2km run, stationary bike VO Test

We use top of the line equipment for testing