Form Focused

Attention to detail is placed on building the foundation and improving form through incorporating principles of flexibility, mobility, and stability into our programs.

Movement Driven

Exercise prescriptions are built to improve movement patterns first to create a better base for speed and strength development.

Sports Specialized Team

Our team holds advanced degrees in fields such as Exercise Science and Biomechanics with certifications ranging from Athletic Trainers to Strength and Conditioning Coaches all with multiple years of experience working with athletes of all ages.

Individualized Attention

We provide individualized feedback for improvement needs for all of our athletes/clients. In our Personal and FLEX Training groups, each person receives an entirely individualized program as well.

FASSST is an Athletic Performance Training company that is Building the Foundation for Improved Sports Performance. We pride ourselves on our strategically capped low enrollment for programs and training sessions so that each athlete can receive the individualized attention they need to improve.

We provide our athletes with hands-on training sessions where the focus is on the details. Our coaches emphasize body position during movement and lifts to better help our athletes advance in their sport and be able to sustain their new gains.

While our Performance Coaches are working hard in-house to make sure our athletes can Perform their best on the field, our Athletic Trainers are hard at work Protecting athletes form the sidelines as an integral part of the Medical Team at FASSST Sport.